Using Tar

Tar is format of choice for archiving and compressing files on linux. It’s pretty simple.

Creating a Tarball

tar -czvf test.tar.gz test

tar -cjvf test.tar.bz2 test

Unpacking a Tarball

tar -xzvf test.tar.gz

tar -xjvf test.tar.bz2

  • c = create
  • z = gzip
  • j = bzip2
  • v = verbose
  • f = file
  • x = extract

You notice I give two different options, the difference is czvf vs cjvf, which is just the compression method. I usually use gzip, but both are pretty close to each other. From what I’ve heard bzip2 will give you better compression (about 15%) but is a little slower at compressing and decompressing.


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