The Perfect Dev Environment?

Hey all,

I have decided to undertake the task of packaging a custom eclipse distrobution. Also included I’m going to package a VMWare appliance server for debugging and all that good stuff.

So far here is the list for the eclipse side:

  • Zend Studio 7
  • Flex Builder 3 Beta
  • MyLyn
  • JS Eclipse
  • Sub Eclipse

And here is the list on the linux vmware side:

  • Fedora 11
  • PHP 5.3
    • apc
    • curl
    • gd2
  • Subversion
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Postgres 8.4
  • SQLite 3.6
  • Zend Studio Community Edition (Free Edition)
  • SQL
  • Samba + Swat
  • NFSv4

I’m also planning to create a simple web interface for the vmware image, we’ll see thou.

So Stay tuned for more details, and of course for the actual distro…  Also if you can think of any good ideas, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do…


How To Create a Subversion Repository and Trac Project

Subversion is the shit!

It allows you to seemless cover your own ass… It is also very useful for transfering, and updating code. Trac is also very cool, it has one of the best bug tracking sytems, a cool wiki, and a subversion browser. Here is a tutorial about how to setup these up on a fedora/redhat server… It’s pretty easy…