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Unemployment Rate: Democrat vs Republican

Here is a list of all the increases and decreases. I compiled them by term.

D-Obama 2nd Term (so far): Decreased by 0.1
D-Obama 1st Term: Decreased by 0.6
R-Bush 2nd term: Increased by 2.9
R-Bush 1st term: Increased by 1.2
D-Clinton 2nd term: Decreased by 1.0
D-Clinton 1st term: Decreased by 1.9
R-Bush Sr: Increased by 1.9
R-Reagan 2nd term: Decreased by 2.0
R-Reagan 1st term: Decreased by 0.2
D-Carter: Decreased by 0.2
R-Ford (partial): Increased by 2.1
R-Nixon (partial) 2nd term: Increased 0.5
R-Nixon 1st term: Increased 1.6
D-Johnson 2nd term: Decreased by 1.7
D-Johnson (partial) 1st term: Decreased by 0.4
D-Kennedy (partial): Decreased by 1.4
R-Eisenhower 2nd term: Increased by 3.0
R-Eisenhower 1st term: Increased by 1.3
D-Truman 2nd term: Decreased by 2.1
D-Truman** 1st term: Decreased by 1.1

Democrats have dropped the unemployment percent by 9.9% since 1948. Also interestingly never leaving a increase. Even poor Kennedy left things better in his short time as president.

Republicans aren’t so lucky. Reagan is the only one who left office with better numbers. Dropping the percentage by a impressive 2.2 points. The rest post a combined negative 14.5 points. Leaving the net Republican total to -12.3 points.

3 Best terms in the last 60 years.
#1: D-Truman (-2.1)
#2: R-Reagan (-2.0)
#3: D-Clinton (-1.9)

3 Worst terms in the last 60 years.
#1: R-Eisenhower (+3.0)
#2: R-Bush (+2.9)
#3: R-Ford (+2.1)

3 Worst (all terms combined)
#1: R-Eisenhower (+4.3)
#2: R-Bush (+4.1)
#3: R-Nixon (+2.1)

** Labor Force Statistics only had data for 1948+. Truman’s first term started in 1945.